How to Survive The Holidays When You're Single, Dating, Or Married

taught by Selina Almodovar

Course description

So you mean to tell me that you were just gonna walk up into your family's Thanksgiving dinner and this is the first time you see your family since your relationship status changed??⁠

Do not... I repeat... DO NOT go anywhere (alone, with your new boyfriend, your new Fiancé, or new husband!!) until you attend this Masterclass!!

In this Masterclass, I’m gonna break down how you can prepare to have a stress-free holiday season regardless of what relationship status you’re in!

By the end of my 60-min class, you're gonna know how to...⁠

* address your family and friends when it comes to your love life so you're not avoiding eye contact all night long!⁠
* determine how to honor old and new traditions without wearing yourself out as a couple who's trying to make everyone happy!⁠
* give the perfect gift to your bae based on where you guys are at in the relationship so that there are no disappointing gift exchanges! ⁠
* know what to expect in your love life throughout the holiday season so that you aren't faced with awkward conversations or depressing nights of watching "It's a Wonderful Life" (speaking from experience!!)⁠

The Hey Girl Hey Hookup? This Masterclass is absolutely FREE!!

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Selina  Almodovar
Selina Almodovar
Christian Relationship Author, Blogger & Coach

After gaining a multitude of love-life lessons throughout her 20’s, Selina Almodovar now writes to women of faith about how to trust God with their love-life. She shared her Cinderella love-story (and the power of prayer) in her book, “The Single Woman’s Prayer Book”, is excited to get started to share the upcoming books of the series (for engaged and married women).

Selina shares weekly insight on life lessons, relationships, self-love, faith, breakups, and how to find love in any situation you’re in through her blog and on social media. She is currently spending her 30’s in Lakewood, Ohio, enjoying married life, and learning how to become a super boymom, one Sesame Street episode at a time.

You can connect with Selina on her website or chat with her LIVE on Instagram!