Course Description

Your love life should honor God in every way possible. But how? This 4-week course will teach you how to put God first before any man in a relationship.

Your next relationship will be purposeful, fun, and Christ-centered without the confusion, the wondering, or the lack of knowing if you're with the right person.

 But it doesn't stop there!  This course will also help you learn...

  • What you can do before you start dating
  • How to set clear intentions on what you want out of a relationship
  • When to know when you're ready to start dating again
  • What to do during your first dates with someone new
  • How to pray over your new relationship and potential bae
  • How to give your wardrobe a modest makeover
  • What to talk about on your dates
  • Potential date ideas
  • How to spot potential red flags
  • How to approach your relationship once it's gone "exclusive"
  • How to know when it's time to get engaged with your Mr. Right!
  • What other resources are out there to help you and your boyfriend create a strong foundation for your relationship (and how to determine when it's time to take it to the next level!)

Christian Relationship Author, Blogger & Coach

Selina Almodovar

Selina is a writer, Christian Relationship Coach and considers herself to be a Relationship Expert after gaining a multitude of love-life lessons throughout her 20's. She now coaches Christian, Millennial women to find love. First in God, next in themselves, and lastly in Mr. Right. She is currently spending her 30's writing books, enjoying married life, and becoming a super mom.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Foundation Lesson #1: Setting Your Intentions

    • Setting Your Dating Intentions: VIDEO CLASS

    • Setting Your Dating Intentions: HANDOUT

  • 2

    Foundation Lesson #2: How to Look for the "Right" Mr. Right

    • How to Look for the "Right" Mr. Right VIDEO CLASS

    • Finding the "Right" Mr. Right: HANDOUT

  • 3

    Foundation Lesson #3: Where to Go to Find The Perfect Match

    • Where to Go to Find the Perfect Match VIDEO CLASS

    • Godly Dating 101- Where to go to find Mr. Right HANDOUT

  • 4

    Foundation Lesson #4: Setting Boundaries (in Friendships & Dating)

    • Setting Boundaries (in Friendships & Dating) VIDEO CLASS

    • Godly Dating 101: Setting Boundaries (In Friendships & Dating): HANDOUT

  • 5

    First Dates to Exclusive

    • How to Date with God in Mind EBook

    • 5 Things to Do Before a First Date

    • 5 Things To Consider After A First Date

    • Why You Should Pray With Your Boyfriend

    • How to Balance Your Time Between Dating & God

  • 6

    Exclusive to Engaged

    • 10 Signs that Let You Know You’re Dating a Keeper

    • 4 Ways to Tell You’re About To Get Engaged!

  • 7

    BONUS: Godly Dating Resources

    • Recommended Books

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